Gudeg Kendil Jogja

Gudeg is a traditional food from Yogyakarta and Central JavaIndonesia which is made from young Nangka (jack fruit) boiled for several hours with palm sugar, and coconut milk [1]. Additional spices include garlic, shallot, candlenutcoriander seed,galangalbay leaves, and teak leaves, the latter giving a brown color to the dish. It is also called Green Jack Fruit Sweet Stew.

Gudeg is served with white rice, chicken, hard-boiled egg, tofu and/or tempeh, and a stew made of crisp beef skins (sambal goreng krecek[2].

There are several types of gudeg; dry, wet, Yogyakarta style, Solo style and East-Javanese style. Dry gudeg has only a bit of coconut milk and thus has little sauce. Wet gudeg includes more coconut milk. The most common gudeg came from Yogyakarta, and usually sweeter, more dry and reddish in color because the addition of teak leaves. The Solo gudeg from the city of Surakarta is more watery and soupy with lots of coconut milk and whitish in color because teak leaves is absent. The East-Javanese style gudeg employs a spicier and hotter taste, compared to the Yogyakarta-style gudeg, which is sweeter. Gudeg is traditionally associated with Yogyakarta, and Yogyakarta often nicknamed as “Kota Gudeg” (city of gudeg). The center of Yogyakarta gudeg restaurants are in Wijilan area, east side of Yogyakarta Kraton (Sultans’ palace).

(Taken from Wikipedia)

This time I made gudeg like the one from Yogyakarta, because i used to live there for about 5 years. And my mother in law is from there too. That’s why i’m familiar with this kind of gudeg. I used the regular recipe but without teak leaves so maybe it’s gonna be like the mixed of Yogyakarta and Surakarta gudeg. But it has dry texture, sweet and reddish in color.

Bahan :
500 gr jackfruit

250 gr meat

10 bay leaves

400 ml coconut milk (you can mixed with some water if you don’t want to use much coconut milk)

8 eggs

5cm galangal

To be grind:

  • 9 shallots
  • 6 cloves garlics
  • 3 tsp coriander seeds
  • 250 gr palm/coconut sugar
  • salt and sugar

Method :

Put all the ingredients except eggs. Arrange the bay leaves and galangal in the bottom, because we need to cook in a long time. Try not to stir it a lot. Cook with low heat. And after all the ingredients tender, pour the eggs into the pan. And cook until the texture is dry.

After all, i also put this post for following Indonesian Foodblogger event called IdFB challenge.



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