Tahu Goreng Tepung

Try to be involved in Indonesian Food Blogger Challenge on Facebook, i put this post as one of indonesian snack. For the first challenge, I made gudeg jogja. And now for the second one, I made this simple food called tahu goreng tepung. Always love simple and easy cooked food but don’t under estimated this kind of food, the taste is so yummy. It’s crunchy and tasty even you just put garlic powder and salt. For people who likes spicy, you can eat with hot chili.


1 pack tofu


garlic powder

corn flour

1 egg, beaten


1. Marinated tofu with garlic powder and salt.

2. Fried tofu or you can buy tofu that already fried.

3. Put tofu in the corn flour, then in the egg, then put it again in the flour.

4. Deep fried all of them until its turn the color into golden brown.


BW Wednesday

This is my sixth time following BW Wednesday challenge hosted by Susan. Just join us in this event, very simple and challenging. I personally really love this challenge. I do love doing BBQ during summer time like now. I did some grilled fish with the whole family.